Narrative writing: A lucky escape

A lucky escape

Once upon of time, there was a man called Tim, he was about 40 years, he was thin and his clothes is like hanging to his body. He lives in a village beside the forest.

In a Autumns evening, he hike in the forest, there was a lot of leaves. He was hiking and lisning to the music happily. Suddenly, he fell into a very deep and wide hole with yellow and green leves, fortunately he wasn`t get any injured.

When he come him self down , he look up and try to climb up again and again, but he failed then he shout loudly with different sound but no one can hear him, he was unable to get any help, he started losing hope and tears began to come his eyes quietly.

Just then, there was a low voice on the ground. He looked up and saw a dogs head popping the edge of the hole. He was exited and thought he would get help, and he took his colorful wallet, in his wallet there were one ID card, some money and Tim`s picture, then he throw the wallet to the dog. About five minutes later there was quiet on the ground.

It was deep dark, he saw a fantastic light coming closer and closer at the time he saw another man with the dog, the man put down a rope and let me climb up. When he got up he was very thankful to the man who pull up and then they went back, and he was very tired and fast asleep.
The end