Narrative writing: An abandoned Place

An Abandoned Place

The very old building was made from Timber. There were holes in the roof and the walls. There was a stale smell that lingered in the air. It had not been entered for years.

Chapter One: The first room

Ones upon of time Tim, Leo and Maria. They found an old building it was like a city but it hasn’t been people hear for years and years because everyone said there can be a ghost ,and the most creepy thing is that on this island and no the back of the island there is a huge compass and that the compass turns the wrong way every year.

Tim went in the hall when he sees a golden apple and a golden peach, Maria and Leo went in too.

Maria was so excited, and he want to get one, but Leo and Tim don’t think so, they think there is a trap, so they went out this room.

Secret house

Chapter 2: The second room & the scary fox

When they got to the second room there is a sharp knife that seems to be a chopper wood except it is very long and very thin, Tim went to get the sword, just then he fell down to a deep hole.

Leo got a rope and hang him up to the earth face.
They finally got the sword and escape from the creepy house.

— The End —