About Karlsruhe

About Daniel

- Who am I

  • I am Daniel, and 9 years old from next month. Currently I live in Germany.
  • I have a very lovely younger sister. I like play with her.

- Contact me

If you want, please visit ESK. :)
My favorite animal

My daily task

  • 每日钢琴任务
  • 每日Spelling Bee
  • 吃饭
  • 锻炼身体

This is the first message I posted in Online Daniel webpage!

please remember my website address:


My dad help me to buildup the website, and teach me how to write message. it´s cool.

We type the message in Visual Studio Code, and then publish it to web by “hexo d”. so easy!

I will continue to learn more and more advanced functions and skill.