Tomorrow is fisrt day of Octobor, National day of China, is also the first holiday after we coming back from Germany.
Since Sep. 11th, I started my new study life in SMIC international school. To be honest, I love my new school, although i have a lot of homework everyday, and it is really a hard work for me. As my dad said, my chinese writing and reading improved very soon.

Last week, I applied to join the student union, no feedback so far. I like the chanllenge in life.

For the coming holiday, I want to watch movies with my family, and also baking with my sister.

Enjoy the holiday, relax, prepare for the coming chanllenge.

About Karlsruhe

About Daniel

- Who am I

  • I am Daniel, and 9 years old from next month. Currently I live in Germany.
  • I have a very lovely younger sister. I like play with her.

- Contact me

If you want, please visit ESK. :)
My favorite animal

My daily task

  • 每日钢琴任务
  • 每日Spelling Bee
  • 吃饭
  • 锻炼身体

When you type the wepsite adress like www.Onlinedaniel.com, it will first search in local router, if not, then one by one up until someone found the IP adress. Then the website will give you one index page.
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Good News!

Most vedio in my website have moved from YouTube to YouKu!
So My friends in China can watch them.
Picture in YouKu

Oxford University Press release 148 books

Oxford Reading books

All books will expire on 30 June!


I made a task plan for Easter Holiday by myself.

Index Subject Content Time Comment
1 Math Kangaroo One sheet per day Dad will explain
2 English Read “Secret Seven” One book three day Check by myself
3 English Spelling Bee Practice every day Check by myself
4 English Record “Games and the giant peach” One book two week Check by myself
5 German Overview the schooling books One book two week Dad will explain
6 Chinese Record “Funny Jokes”
and “father and son”
First week will finish
Second week will finish
Check by myself
7 Chinese Ms. Ding teaching daily work Do what she said Check by myself
8 Sport Morning exercise Every morning Follow my mum
9 Piano >= twice / tune Once per day Check by Dad
  • Spring is comming, and Winter has gone with virus

A lucky escape

Once upon of time, there was a man called Tim, he was about 40 years, he was thin and his clothes is like hanging to his body. He lives in a village beside the forest.

In a Autumns evening, he hike in the forest, there was a lot of leaves. He was hiking and lisning to the music happily. Suddenly, he fell into a very deep and wide hole with yellow and green leves, fortunately he wasn`t get any injured.

When he come him self down , he look up and try to climb up again and again, but he failed then he shout loudly with different sound but no one can hear him, he was unable to get any help, he started losing hope and tears began to come his eyes quietly.

Just then, there was a low voice on the ground. He looked up and saw a dogs head popping the edge of the hole. He was exited and thought he would get help, and he took his colorful wallet, in his wallet there were one ID card, some money and Tim`s picture, then he throw the wallet to the dog. About five minutes later there was quiet on the ground.

It was deep dark, he saw a fantastic light coming closer and closer at the time he saw another man with the dog, the man put down a rope and let me climb up. When he got up he was very thankful to the man who pull up and then they went back, and he was very tired and fast asleep.
The end

An Abandoned Place

The very old building was made from Timber. There were holes in the roof and the walls. There was a stale smell that lingered in the air. It had not been entered for years.

Chapter One: The first room

Ones upon of time Tim, Leo and Maria. They found an old building it was like a city but it hasn’t been people hear for years and years because everyone said there can be a ghost ,and the most creepy thing is that on this island and no the back of the island there is a huge compass and that the compass turns the wrong way every year.

Tim went in the hall when he sees a golden apple and a golden peach, Maria and Leo went in too.

Maria was so excited, and he want to get one, but Leo and Tim don’t think so, they think there is a trap, so they went out this room.

Secret house

Chapter 2: The second room & the scary fox

When they got to the second room there is a sharp knife that seems to be a chopper wood except it is very long and very thin, Tim went to get the sword, just then he fell down to a deep hole.

Leo got a rope and hang him up to the earth face.
They finally got the sword and escape from the creepy house.

— The End —

This is the first message I posted in Online Daniel webpage!

please remember my website address:


My dad help me to buildup the website, and teach me how to write message. it´s cool.

We type the message in Visual Studio Code, and then publish it to web by “hexo d”. so easy!

I will continue to learn more and more advanced functions and skill.